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At Agri-Plastics, our focus is to supply quality custom rotational molding services by manufacturing and designing products that meet our customers expectations. We perform custom rotational molding for industrial, commercial, recreational and marine products.

To keep quality standards high we use only state of the art modern rotational molding equipment in the production of your product. We work directly with you to ensure that the end product meets your expectations.

Our mission, regardless of which of our many services you select, is to continually exceed your expectations on quality, on time delivery, and overall service, while providing you with an economically satisfying solution for your OEM or other custom product needs.

Included in our custom services are:

  • Rotational Molding,
  • 3-D CAD/CAM Designing,
  • Secondary Operations,
  • Assembly,
  • Testing & Packaging

Relatively low tooling costs make it appropriate for any volume of production
and also very suitable as a launch vehicle for new products.

How Rotational Molding Works

Depending on the part size, single or multiple molds are placed on the arms of the machines. Pre-measured granulated plastic resin is loaded into each mold, which is then closed. The arm with the molds is then indexed into the oven where they are slowly rotated on both the vertical and horizontal axis.Utilizing heat and continuous multi-axis rotation the powder melts against the inside of the mold, forming a hollow seamless part with an even wall thickness. The molds are then indexed to a cooling stage where the continue the multi-axis rotation until they are cool enough to remove from the mold. The rotational speed, heating and cooling times are all controlled throughout the process to suit your specific product needs.

Material Processing

Unlike many smaller rotational, Agri-Plastics has sufficient volumes of material to allow us to commit to the much superior method of melt compounding our coloured polyethylene. When dry mixing pigments into polyethylene, the pigment acts as a foreign body, significantly decreasing the physical properties of the material. Melt compounding creates a more homogeneous blend and allows physical properties , such as impact resistance, to be far greater. This is very important to most OEM customers, as well as for any product that might receive impacts through normal use. Melt compounding also allows for richer and more consistent colors. In addition, we have he ability to add fire retardants, ultra-violet light absorbers, anti-statics and many other additives.

Another benefit of having higher material volumes is that we pulverize our own material. This allows us to create and meet a quality standard that actually enhances the physical properties of the material and therefore the final product.


Agri-Plastics was founded in 1995 by the VanBurren family to satisfy a need for quality Agricultural equipment and very quickly became one of the largest calf hutch molders in the world. They then expanded their markets to include custom molding or OEM components, in addition they acquired the Diamond Plastics ATV product line in 2009. Throughout this time, as the company has grown, they have endeavoured to employ very experienced staff, in all areas of the business, which allowed continuing credibility and growth in the market.

Assembly and Packaging Service

Our customers are very aware of the costs and the environmental impact of shipping products. In response we began our assembly service which literally allows us to use a customer’s molds to produce the product, and then assemble, package to specification and ship to their customer direct from our warehouse. Our customer need never handle the product.


Complimentary to the assembly and packaging services is our ability to warehouse our customer’s product. This can be done to allow full regional trailer loads to build, or to offset some seasonal trends. Combined with our packaging option you will only have to supply your mold and we can handle the rest!


Agri-Plastics Manufacturing has two main manufacturing plants which are strategically located in the heart of Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe”, only a short distance from a major highway artery, facilitating easy and affordable delivery to our customers in both the United States and Canada.


Agri-Plastics Manufacturing, again makes use of larger volumes, and puts into use, state-of-the-art robotic trimming equipment. This allows us to economically finish very complex and precise parts that many of our competitors would not be able to finish.
CNC Robot Part Trimming

Production Design Services

Many of our customers have the knowledge and resources to fully design a part, and we need to only review the drawing files, while others have a product design, but we need to advise on the changes to allow it to be properly molded, while others only have a product idea and no drawings. In all cases we have the ability to help. Our designers, using the most current CAD (computer aided design) programs, are able to turn Your Ideas Into Reality.

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