Calf Care Innovations Announced at World Dairy Expo

Sidney, Nebraska • November 8, 2019

Agri-Plastics recently announced the debut of four new products at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. These products all were developed with farmer’s business in mind, as well as their livestock’s overall health and development.

  1. Buddy System Group Hutch: A three-part system that includes a modified Group Hutch, two exterior side panels, and one front exterior panel for extra living and feeding space. Stress can be detrimental to calf health and growth. Our Buddy Hutch has all the same features as our Group Hutch but has been modified for paired newborn calves to reduce stress and improve overall health. Newborn calf modifications include a lower door height to keep drafts at bay, and a rear door grid-guard to keep calves secure. Benefits of paired housing include reduced weaning distress, faster weight gain, promotion of solid feed intake, increased socialization, and minimized cross-suckling with the use of our Milk Bar Feeder, a slow feeding system. Click here to see a video of the self aligning chute and learn more about this system.

  2. Elevated Flex-Floor: This product was developed so our Flex Hutches could be raised off the ground. This helps keep the surface of the hutch clean and dry. The feet are removable to reduce drafts in colder temperatures.

  3. Small Hanging Grain Feeder: This product has the same great features of the Large Hanging Grain Feeder but is smaller to accommodate younger calves. The metal edge on the backside allows it to hang securely on the exterior fence and keeps food dry and accessible for 1-2 days.

  4. Supreme Fence: This new fence is packed with features, all with the farmer and livestock in mind. The metal fencing is rugged and durable with reinforced corners. The Slam-Latch door ensures the security of your calves. The door also has a bi-swing feature that allows it to swing out or in towards the hutch. The door latch hook can also hook on the fence interior so the door can stay open. When you want to clean the exterior area, the fence hinges up. Or if the hutch needs to be cleaned, the hinge allows the back of the hutch to lift up for easy access to the hutch interior. Click here to see a quick video of the fence features.

If you would like more information on our new products, please call 308-254-1137 or email us at

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