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Calf Housing Solutions

How "Focus On 5" Can Help You:

Why do we call ourselves The Calf Housing Specialists? Because we are farmers, working with other farmers to come up with innovative products for the market. Our focus is on these ket items when coming up with new ideas and products; Ventilation, Bedding, Temperature, Feeding, and Management. Agri-Plastics is the choice you should make when upgrading, or starting a new farm to reduce your calf mortality.

1. Ventilation

In order for a calf to thrive a calf must have fresh clean air that is low in ammonia. With an Agri-Plastics calf housing product this is possible. Because there is no stale air. With the square design, rather then the tapered design of most other hutches, there is more air flow and shoulder room for the calf which provides comfort and space.

2. Bedding

Bedding is another main focus of ours. Bedding provides comfort and cleanliness for the calf. With the 3-in-One Rear Bedding Door, standard on all hutches this is possible. The 3-in-One Doors allow you to gain access to the rear of the hutch to change the bedding and provides optimal ventilation for your calf. It also provides an additional observation point when checking on your calf.

3. Temperature

In all Agri-Plastics calf housing products, the temperature is always comfortable. We have designed our products with the calves in mind. There is plenty of air flow in our hutches and pens, allowing the temperature to be at a consistent rate all the time.

4. Feeding

Agri-Plastics has thought of everything right down to feeding. Feeling has to be the most important focus. Agri-Plastics has come up with products to help you feed calves from colostrum to concentrate. Our bucket holders come with a splash guard to help prevent cross contamination of your calves’ food. We also offer weather covers for outside feeding areas. This is all to promote healthy feeding for your calf.

5. Management

Now, we can’t do everything for you, so this is where you come in! With proper management, systems and procedures in place, along with the correct facilities and equipment to implement the other key points above, you will have a sustaining farm that will last and grow!