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Agri-Plastics introduces Flex Hutch™ for improved efficiency in outdoor calf housing

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February, 02, 2018

Double Flex-HutchAgri-Plastics, an Ontario-based manufacturer of calf housing solutions, has introduced Flex Hutch™ for improved efficiency in an outdoor hutch system.

“Flex Hutch makes it much easier to care for calves in two- and three-calf hutch systems” said Agri-Plastics Owner Darren VanBuuren. “Instead of opening three doors, one for each calf, for example, the caregiver only has to open one. That’s a huge labor and efficiency savings.”

Flex Hutch can accommodate two or three calves using a changeable inner panel system. Hutches can be placed directly on the ground or elevated on skids to optimize drainage. Rugged, molded plastic construction outlasts traditional wooden hutches, and is easy to clean and sanitize for reduced downtime.

Additional benefits include:

  • Adjustable, hinged Flex Roof Cover™ provides effective protection for calves in foul weather, and opens in one easy movement for light and ventilation
  • Streamlined setup to simplify daily chores like bedding, feeding and watering
  • One-step rear vent control
  • Another innovative calf housing solution from Agri-Plastics, The Calf Housing Specialist

Founded in 1995, Agri-Plastics is owned and operated by third-generation dairy producers Darren and Rob VanBuuren. Today, the company offers a full line of calf housing solutions focusing on 5 life-sustaining elements to help reduce mortality and maximize health and comfort. Agri-Plastics will be opening its first US production facility in Nebraska in 2018. For more information about Agri-Plastics calf housing solutions, call (308)254-1137.

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